Choosing to Believe...

there's more, when life has left you broken.

What do you do when God seems to have let you down? How do you continue trusting Him when His ways don’t make sense?

In Breathe Again, Stacy Henagan shares how she emerged with a greater belief that God is good and trustworthy even after He didn’t answer her prayer for healing on behalf of her terminally ill daughter as expected.

If you’re struggling with overwhelming pain and doubt or simply trying to learn to trust God through confusing times, Breathe Again is for you.

Breathe Again is NOW available!

Hi, I'm Stacy Henagan

I am the co-pastor of Keypoint Church, speaker, author, and the founder of SHE Women's Conference. My husband, Casey, and I have four children: Holland, Hayes, Hudson, and Haven who is waiting for us in Heaven.

It’s my passion to help you love God more. I want to champion the God dreams in your heart (even those buried deep down that no one knows) and encourage you to go for them with boldness. I know how it feels to seem unqualified, but make no mistake, if He’s called you, He’s equipped you. Any message I speak or book I write will be centered on this: loving God and saying yes to whatever He asks.

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Lisa Harper

Author of The Sacrament of Happy, Believing Jesus, and More

The Fact that she’s been able to weave her experience with compelling biblical narrative in a way that helps others hang on to genuine joy and divine purpose while navigating dark valleys is a true gift. This must-read book is both a love letter to our Creator Redeemer and an excellent trail guide for His image bearers.

Robert Morris

Founding lead senior pastor of Gateway Church and Bestselling author of The Blessed Life, Beyond Blessed, and Take The Day Off

Watching Stacy battle to hold one to her faith in the aftermath of losing her daughter and refusing to remain stuck in her grief, doubt, and disappointment has been both remarkable and inspiring. If you’re struggling with your faith, this book will help you recognize truth and encourage you to hold on to your faith while discovering God is trustworthy and good, even when we don’t understand.

Rebekah Lyons

Bestselling author of Rhythms of Renewal and You Are Free

If you’ve experienced devastating loss with nothing left to give, this book is for you. May you draw strength in these pages of the promise that is to come.